Free-Range Wellness Farm & Market Day 2018

October 13th, 2018, 3pm – 7pm

1141 Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Rd. Dawson, IL 60525


Free-Range Wellness Farm and Market Day is a day to enjoy fresh food on the farm, and with your family. Come celebrate the goodness of fresh, local, foods in the pasture with the Detweiler family.

This event will feature:

  • Tables and presentations from local vendors including farmers, gardeners, bakers, fermented food artists, horticulturists, and more.
  • Mini seminar from Dr Michael on the topics of: “Food is our Apothecary” & “What is all the Hype About CBD Oil?”
  • A full dinner on the grounds made from pastured and organic foods (all gluten-free and Paleo approved!)
  • Paleo dessert bar

What do I need to bring?

  • Bring yourself, your friends, your family… and a picnic blanket!!

Come ready to soak up all the beauty of sunlight and soil with likeminded individuals who all know one thing for certain – our health begins in the pasture.

We’re excited to have you come join us!

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