Feeding the Grandkids

In most families, the grandparents house is the place for sweets, sweets, and more sweets. As the saying goes, “when the goin’ gets tough, we go to grandma’s…”

That’s true in our family too, but our grandkids don’t come to us for junk sweets – they come to us for what they know they’ll get – nutrients! And yes, with my wife’s and daughter’s creativity in the kitchen, we do find nutritional ways to prepare sweets, too.

But we also know that nutrients are tasty, too. And I go out of my way to source out new and tasty treats for me grandkids and teach them how to enjoy fundamental foods.

It’s part of my game plan to teach them about truly nourishing traditions, and enjoy the process all the while. So, every time we get together, I try and introduce and try them to some new food – maybe it’s liver pate, maybe it’s oysters, or something else. But whatever funny or odd food it is, they look forward to it.

Once, while I was driving through Arkansas, on my way to visit my daughter and her family further south, I came across a little farmer’s market. I couldn’t resist stopping to stretch my legs and look around. When I did, I found a beautiful treasure to bring to my hungry grandkids – pickled quail eggs! I carefully stowed my treasure in the car and hours later, I triumphantly presented them to my grandkids who delightfully devoured them.

Now, have you ever had a quail egg yourself? They’re beautiful and rich, mostly yolk. God knew that – He put that yolk in there. They have some white, of course, which is good protein that we need. But in those beautiful little quail eggs, God packed unique undiscovered yet pieces into it’s rich yolk where it is preserved and kept just like my grandparents and your grandparents may have eaten as well.

Another fun memory of food that I have with my grandkids occurred last Christmas when my oldest grandson asked me to make some liver pate. I was thrilled. Did I make it, you bet. Did we enjoy it? Absolutely! I’m thrilled to have a grandson to have a grandson 15 years old that was looking forward to Papa’s liver pate.

And so, I continue my game plan… and maybe next time I’ll try bone marrow on them. We’ll dip some hot bones out of a simmering pot of broth, and spoon the soft marrow out of the bones. We may spread it on a slice of gluten-free toast and salt it, or we may just eat it right out of the spoon. Either way, we’ll enjoy it with a smile, knowing that “when the goin’ gets tough,” and the grandkids come over, we’ll not just give them food that they’ll enjoy, it will nourish them as well.

– Dr. Michael

P.S. My favorite liver pate recipe can be found at www.autoimmunewellness.com