Sugar – the SAD American Staple Food

Yes, sugar – that sweet, addictive substance found in everything from chewing gum, hot dogs, soda, cereal, to baby formula.

It is reported at the turn of the century in 1900, the average American family consumed 5 lbs of refined sugar per year (that’s right – 5 lbs for the whole gang!). At of the first decade of this century, the average American by him/herself consumes 140-160 lbs of sugar per year (that’s right – 140-160 lbs!). Pick up four bags of water softener salt and ponder that much sugar being consumed by each American.

It is any wonder that diabetes is one of the fastest-growing diseases in this country? We are warned all the time about this growing epidemic, and its deadly consequences on TV, radio, print, and the internet.

The fact is, you ALONE must take responsibility for YOUR sugar consumption. Because you alone will pay the painful and expensive toll that is slowly adding up. YOU must look at your diet and analyze your consumption rate of sugar.

I would recommend you keep a one-week diet diary and honestly write down everything that crosses your lips (yes, everything, including water!). Then, if you were a patient of ours, we would invite you to bring your food diary in and we’ll talk about it together.

In your diary, you may find a pattern and solution that looks and sounds something like this:

Do your knees hurt? Cut out sugar.
Do you feel tired all the time? Cut out sugar.
Do you feel cranky a lot? Cut out sugar.
Do you have headaches? Cut out sugar.
Do you have arthritis? Cut out sugar.
Do you have diabetes? Cut out sugar.

Get the idea?

Remember, excessive sugar intake not only sets you up for diabetes and its painful consequences, it makes you hurt. That’s right, one of the results of too much sugar intake is driving inflammation in the body and every disease process we know of has inflammation as a driving component.

When it comes to improving your health, look to your dietary intake of refined sugar and sugar alternatives. Reduce and then eliminate refined sugars from your life completely, and find your energy and nourishment in real foods – from the pasture. For more on pastured foods restoring your health, stay tuned for future blog posts as we continue talking about how free-range living is the way to wellness.