The Dangers of Bare Ground

Untended and undeveloped pastures can be places of danger, volatility, and famine. Those pastures contain areas known as “bare ground.” They are easy to spot and are literally, areas where the ground is bare.

Bare ground is dangerous because it produces flash floods. When rain falls, it is not softened by the grass, or absorbed by porous soil – made so by the presence of earthworms. Additionally, cattle’s feet have not mashed down any of the organic matter – leaving the micro biome of that area of the pasture to dry up lifelessly. This is a dangerous and unfruitful place.

There is no life or nourishment to give or to take in such a place. Hence, over bare ground, there is no healthy animal moving, grazing, and giving back to the natural system.

Ultimately, bare ground does not produce a healthy response to anything – physically, or, in another sense, spiritually.

Like the pasture with bare ground can experience flash floods, we can experience flash floods when the soil of our souls is bare.

How are life’s tragedies softened and tamed in our own life? By the rich, deep soil of scripture – the life-breathing Word of God. I ask, is your spiritual ground as deep and rich as it should be? Is your physical ground as deep and rich as it should be? If not, what’s missing? Part of it, most likely THE piece, is your Shepherd, your Herdsman, and your Pasture’s Steward – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Physically, as we discuss finding wellness in the pasture and building vitality from the soil up, we know that balanced, intricate nutrition from sunshine, plants, and animals are key.

We pursue wellness bit-by-bit, nutrient-by-nutrient, and fatty-acid-by-fatty-acid – from the pasture. Not the supermarket, not prescription drugs, and sometimes, not even “organic” labels.

Pastured foods build our bodies into life-receiving and life-giving forms – true vitality.

On this journey, our Shepherd guides us, leading us to green pastures, and beside still waters. He promises, as the Psalmist said in Psalm 23, to “restore our souls.”

Through building on His foundation and principles for our physical and spiritual wellness, we will rid our hearts and bodies of bare ground, and live in fruitfulness – ready to withstand any storm that comes.