Where We Walk

Welcome to our blog! This is where we talk about our wellness journey in our personal lives, our family, and our practice. We’re delighted to have you join us.

On the journey of our family and our practice over the decades, our paths have taken many directions, speeds, and twists. There have been slow and peaceful days. There have been hair-raising, breathtakingly chaotic days. We have had mountaintop moments. We have seen valleys as well.

Through each day, we walk.

We walk in joy. Some days, we feel incredible levels of wellness – energy, vitality, and utter radiance.

We walk in sorrow. Some days, reminders that this is a broken and fallen world surround us. In this life, we see pain, we see sickness, and we see death.

But always, we walk in hope. We hope in God – the Great Physician Who is our Healer, and has given us His tools for healing, and His principles to walk in wellness as we serve Him on this earth.

Ultimately, we hope for the day when we will stand before our Creator in perfect health and enter into an enjoyment of all of eternity with Him.

Towards that day, we look, we work, and we walk.

Today, we’re grateful that you’ve decided to walk with us.

With you on the journey,
Dr. Michael, Dr. Susan, & the Free-Range Wellness Team.

“Thus says the Lord: ‘Stand by the roads, and look… where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls….” – Jeremiah 6:16