Why I Write

There have been countless books and other pieces written over the centuries. I have to write, not to just add another book to a library shelf or another page to the vast sea of Internet knowledge. Rather, I must write to be obedient to a directive that I have been burdened with.

As a foundation, I acknowledge the Scripture that says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” On that foundation, I believe that all knowledge and wisdom comes from God above.

However, my knowledge and my voice are tools that must not rust any longer. I must hone my edge and carve writings from the chunk of knowledge that I have been given. I have been blessed with life experiences, acquaintances, friendships, mentors, abilities, vantage points, pains, burdens, and joys. The scripture also says, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

I am responsible to communicate the truth-filled principles in my heart.

In Hosea 4:6, God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” While I do not have all the answers, nor do I profess to, I do, however, have a message to God’s people that must be shared.

My message points to the goal of restoring vitality in the lives of those I come into contact with. If you were sitting in my office, and we were discussing your health needs, I would ask you about your vitality – your wellness.

I might ask, where did it go? On what day or at what time did you lose it? Did it hurt the day you lost it or did it slowly slip away almost without notice? Did you have it to begin with? Can you find it again? Can you get it all back or perhaps a portion of it? Does it hurt to get it back? Will it feel warm and fuzzy when it begins to run through your veins?

These are just some questions you might feel, and these are the questions I would ask. I would continue by asking, what does vitality mean to you? To me, vitality includes: spark, snap, charge, brightness, clarity, pep, enthusiasm, joy, life, fullness, warmth, zip, smile, rosy cheeks, sweat on the brow, strength, endurance, quality, calloused hands, skipping rope, playing catch, the thrill of life, etc.

“Restoring vitality is possible?” you may ask. “Yes,” I would reply, “and it happens in the pasture.”

On this blog, I hope to communicate plain and simple strategies on how to restore your vitality through a stunning connection of your life to the pasture.

Humor me for a moment. Close your eyes and envision a beautiful piece of rolling meadow with a knee-high sward of grass. It rolls underneath a magnificent blue sky. The orchestration of the grass is accompanied by radiant sunshine and gentle breezes. Contrary to how the saying may go, this is not a place for old grey mares to go at the end of their working days.

I firmly believe that being “put out to pasture,” is NOT a retirement term. Rather, the pasture is a place I want to be my entire life!

God describes himself as the Good Shepherd. Where do you think the Good Shepherd takes His flock? Does He leave them on overgrazed stubble? No. Psalm 23 says, “… He makes me to lie down by green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul….”

Any shepherd or grazing herdsman that has opened up or led his herd to new pasture will tell you that he can feel the appreciation, excitement, and vitality in his animals when they put their heads down and begin to harvest the sun energy that flows from the fresh, green grass.

Have you ever stretched a rubber band or a slinky? It never returns to its exact original shape? Through this blog, I want to stretch you in that way so when you’re done reading, you CANNOT go back to your original shape or way of life!

If our vitality has been lost through stressful lifestyles, nutritionally deficient diets, genetics, or just through the pace and strain of the techno-addicted 21st century, it can be remedied.

It is time to shut off all the gadgets. The wisdom of God’s ways of health in the pasture does not transfer through a modem, a USB cord, a smart phone (or a “dumb phone!”), or any device that begins with an “i,” for that matter. Rather, it’s way more awesome and smart than that. It is a brilliantly complex, yet stunningly simple system found right in front of us. The pasture.

“Wellness is found in the pasture. Thus, we must enter and embrace the pasture to restore our vitality.”

When we do this we will truly overhaul our health care in this country. It won’t cost trillions and it won’t bankrupt our grandchildren’s grandchildren. It will, if applied, enrich those future generations beyond measure and will free them instead of enslaving them to unimaginable debt. And when we truly go to the pasture with hearts and minds to learn from the ways of God, then, and only then, will we rediscover our vitality. The fruit? A life of wellness, to live for the glory of our mighty God.

For this reason, I write. And I thank you for your listening.

– Dr. Michael